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the mennon distributor
in your home country?
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Would you like to sell mennon products and to become the local mennon representative in your country?

mennon representative policy

mennon is looking for representatives and distributors in all countries of the world.
and mennon offers interesting conditions to them.

The basic idea of the mennon representative policy is:
The representative gets the exclusive distribution franchise in his country, That means he gets the sole right to sell products of mennon in his sales territory. Thus mennon's representatives know that their investments in the marketing for mennon in their area will pay out, cause their market is protected by mennon.

Interested ?

Are you capable and willing ...

 ... to professionally and diligently run a special mennon web shop? The web shop must be run in your own language and offer the whole range of mennon products in an attractive way, and ...
... to acquire constantly new retailers in your protected area and supply them with mennon products and information material, acting as qualified representative and wholesaler?

If your answer is YES!, then please write us and show us, that you are capable and willing to meet our expectations.
We can offer you an exclusive distribution contract on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.

Want to know more?

For any further concerns and information, contact our international department at
w998049-jeannie [ at ] yahoo.de


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